Gooch and Housego Ilminster

Both chillers are process chillers with massive cost implications during down time of the chillers of up to one hundred thousand pounds per hour. We were asked by our client to change the pressure relief valves fitted to each condenser due to the certification of the valves was due to end of. Due to the location and style of the valves within the refrigerant circuit, total recovery of the refrigerant was required to enable the removal of the old and fitment of the new PRV’s, this was two days work for an engineer per chiller. To future proof the chillers we offered the fitting of duplex valves with dual pressure relief valves. This will allow the valves to be changed without the need to recover the refrigerant and if necessary the valves can be changed while the chiller is still in operation.

This option has reduced the man hours to change the valves per chiller from two days to 1 hour with the chiller still in service.

This massive cost saving from an hours, materials and down time will be passed on to our customer and repeated every 5 years.