Tuckenhay Mill

Tuckenhay Mill is an old paper mill within the rolling hills of Devon.

In the early 80’s we installed multiple water to air, water to water and dehumidification heat pumps to serve the pool areas within the recently converted mill buildings that were to be holiday cottages.

The water to air and water to water heat pumps used natural spring water with a constant 8 degree Celsius water temperature during both summer and winter to heat the water and air within the swimming pool.

The air to air heat pump was used to dehumidify the pool area and also supplement the air and water heating during the dehumidification process.

Over the years we have rebuilt the heat pumps to ensure continued operation of the pool environmental conditions.

Recently the Deumidification heat pump has been rebuilt as the space within the pant room could not accommodate the new available replacements on the market.

The design was re engineered and modern controls, refrigerant and newly manufactured heating and cooling coils to increase efficiency and energy use.

The system as now been re-commissioned and fully tested with fantastic results.

We are able to undertake rebuilds of all manufacturers equipment even if the only original part of the equipment is the outer casing and even this can be remanufactured if corrosion has set in.